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The Confederate Army of Tennessee at Chickamauga

The following is an organizational table showing the composition of General Braxton Bragg's Confederate Army of Tennessee at the time of the Battle of Chickamauga.

The organizational chart for the Confederate Army of Tennessee at Chickamauga is more complicated than the chart in the preceding post for the Union Army of the Cumberland. As the Battle of Chickamauga progressed, Braxton Bragg received reinforcements from Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia - General James Longstreet's corps. Longstreet and his men arrived as the battle was going on; some did not arrive until the battle was over. After Longstreet arrived on the battlefield, late on the evening of September 19, 1863, Bragg reorganized his army into two wings, commanded by Longstreet and Corps Commander Leonidas Polk. This caused much reshuffling among the various units.

Unlike Union units which are numbered, Confederate units are named after commanders. Again, like the Army of the Cumberland organizational chart, this chart shows unit commanders and their successors as caused by the shuffling of the units or casualties. (k)=killed, (w)=wounded, (c)=captured

THE ARMY OF TENNESSEE -- General Braxton Bragg

RIGHT WING -- Lieutenant General Leonidas Polk

Cheatham's Division (Polk's Corps) -- Major General B. F. Cheatham

Jackson's Brigade -- Brigadier General John K. Jackson
Maney's Brigade -- Brigadier General George Maney
Smith's Brigade -- Brigadier General Preston Smith (k), Colonel A. J. Vaughn, Jr.
Wright's Brigade -- Brigadier General Marcus J. Wright
Strahl's Brigade -- Brigadier General O. F. Strahl

HILL'S CORPS -- Lieutenant General Daniel H. Hill

Cleburne's Division -- Major General Patrick R. Cleburne

Wood's Brigade -- Brigadier General S. A. M. Wood
Polk's Brigade -- Brigadier General Lucius E. Polk
Deshler's Brigade -- Brigadier General James Deshler (k), Colonel R. Q. Mills

Breckinridge's Division -- Major General J. C. Breckinridge

Helm's Brigade -- Brigadier General Benjamin H. Helm (k), Colonel J. H. Lewis
Adam's Brigade -- Brigadier General Daniel W. Adams (w & c), Colonel R. L. Gibson
Stovall's Brigade -- Brigadier General M. A. Stovall

RESERVE CORPS -- Major General W. H. T. Walker

Walker's Division -- Brigadier General States Rights Gist

Gist's Brigade -- Brigadier General S. R. Gist, Colonel P. H. Colquitt (k), Lieutenant Colonel L. Napier
Ector's Brigade -- Brigadier General M. D. Ector
Wilson's Brigade -- Colonel C. C. Wilson

Liddell's Division -- Brigadier General St. John Liddell

Liddell's Brigade -- Colonel Daniel C. Govan
Walthall's Brigade -- Brigadier General E. C. Walthall

LEFT WING -- Lieutenant General James Longstreet

Hindman's Division (Polk's Corps) -- Major General T. C. Hindman (w), Brigadier General J. Patton Anderson

Anderson's Brigade -- Brigadier General J. P. Anderson, Colonel J. H. Sharp
Deas's Brigade -- Brigadier General Z. C. Deas
Manigault's Brigade -- Brigadier General A. M. Manigault

BUCKNER'S CORPS -- Major General Simon B. Buckner

Stewart's Division -- Major General Alexander P. Stewart

Johnson's Brigade* -- Brigadier General Bushrod R. Johnson, Colonel J. S. Fulton
Brown's Brigade -- Brigadier General John C. Brown (w), Colonel Edmund C. Cook
Bate's Brigade -- Brigadier General William B. Bate
Clayton's Brigade -- Brigadier General H. D. Clayton (w)

* brigade attached to Johnson's Provisional Division

Preston's Division -- Brigadier General William Preston

Gracie's Brigade -- Brigadier General Archibald Gracie, Jr.
Trigg's Brigade -- Colonel Robert C. Trigg
Kelly's Brigade -- Colonel J. H. Kelly

Johnson's Division* -- Brigadier General Bushrod R. Johnson

*a provisional division embracing Johnson's Brigade and, part of the time, Robertson's and Anderson's Brigades, as well as Gregg's and McNair's. Attached to Longstreet's Corps under Hood on September 19.

Gregg's Brigade -- Brigadier General John Gregg (w), Colonel C. A. Sugg
McNair's Brigade -- Brigadier General E. McNair (w), Colonel D. Coleman

LONGSTREET'S CORPS* -- Major General John B. Hood (w)

* Corps's organization taken from return of Lee's army for 8/31/63. Pickett's Division was left in Virginia

McLaw's Division -- Brigadier General Joseph B. Kershaw, Major General Lafayette McLaws

Kershaw's Brigade -- Brigadier General Joseph B. Kershaw
Wofford's Brigade** -- Brigadier General W. T. Wofford
Humphreys's Brigade -- Brigadier General Benjamin G. Humphreys
Bryan's Brigade** -- Brigadier General Goode Bryan

** Longstreet's report indicates that these brigades did not arrive in time for the battle.

Hood's Division -- Major General John B. Hood (w), Brigadier General E. McIver Law

Jenkin's Brigade* -- Brigadier General Micah Jenkins
Law's Brigade -- Brigadier General E. McIver Law, Colonel James L. Sheffield
Robertson's Brigade** -- Brigadier General J. B. Robertson, Colonel Van H. Manning
Anderson's Brigade** -- Brigadier General George T. Anderson
Benning's Brigade -- Brigadier General Henry L. Benning

*did not arrive in time to take part in battle
** served part of the time in Johnson's Provisional Division

CAVALRY -- Major General Joseph Wheeler

Wharton's Division -- Brigadier General John A. Wharton

First Brigade -- Colonel C. C. Crews
Second Brigade -- Colonel Thomas Harrison

Martin's Division -- Brigadier General William T. Martin

First Brigade -- Colonel J. T. Morgan
Second Brigade -- Colonel A. A. Russell
Roddey's Brigade -- Brigadier General T. D. Roddey

FORREST'S CORPS -- Brigadier General Nathan B. Forrest

Armstrong's Division -- Brigadier General Frank C. Armstrong

Armstrong's Brigade -- Colonel J. T. Wheeler
Forrest's Brigade -- Colonel G. G. Dibrell

Pegram's Division -- Brigadier General John Pegram

Davidson's Brigade -- Brigadier General H. B. Davidson
Scott's Brigade -- Colonel J. S. Scott

same source as previous post, Downey's Storming of the Gateway

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