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The Union Army of the Cumberland at Chickamauga

This is an organizational table of the Union Army of the Cumberland at the Battle of Chickamauga.

THE ARMY OF THE CUMBERLAND -- Major General William Starke Rosecrans

FOURTEENTH ARMY CORPS -- Major General George H. Thomas

First Division -- Brigadier General Absalom Baird

First Brigade -- Colonel Benjamin F. Scribner
Second Brigade -- Brigadier General John C. Starkweather
Third Brigade -- Brigadier General John H. King

Second Division -- Major General James S. Negley

First Brigade -- Brigadier General John Beatty
Second Brigade -- Colonel Timothy R. Stanley (w), Colonel William L. Stoughton
Third Brigade -- Colonel William Sirwell

Third Division -- Brigadier General John M. Brannan

First Brigade -- Colonel John M. Connell
Second Brigade -- Colonel John T. Croxton (w), Colonel William H. Hays
Third Brigade -- Colonel Ferdinand Van Derveer

Fourth Division -- Major General Joseph J. Reynolds

First Brigade* -- Colonel John T. Wilder
Second Brigade -- Colonel Edward A. King (k), Colonel Milton S. Robinson
Third Brigade -- Brigadier General John B. Turchin

* brigade detached and serving as mounted infantry

TWENTIETH ARMY CORPS -- Major General Alexander McD. McCook

First Division -- Brigadier General Jefferson C. Davis

Second Brigade -- Brigadier General William P. Carlin
Third Brigade -- Colonel Hans C. Heg (k), Colonel John A. Martin

Second Division -- Brigadier General Richard W. Johnson

First Brigade -- Brigadier General August Willich
Second Brigade -- Colonel Joseph B. Dodge
Third Brigade -- Colonel Philemon P. Baldwin (k), Colonel William W. Berry

Third Division -- Major General Philip H. Sheridan

First Brigade -- Brigadier General William H. Lytle (k), Colonel Silas Miller
Second Brigade -- Colonel Bernard Laiboldt
Third Brigade -- Colonel Luther P. Baldwin (w), Colonel Nathan H. Walworth

TWENTY-FIRST ARMY CORPS -- Major General Thomas L. Crittenden

First Division -- Brigadier General Thomas J. Wood

First Brigade -- Colonel George P. Buell
Third Brigade -- Colonel Charles G. Harker

Second Division -- Major General John M. Palmer

First Brigade -- Brigadier General Charles Cruft
Second Brigade -- Brigadier General William B. Hazen
Third Brigade -- Colonel William Grose

Third Division -- Brigadier General H. P. VanCleve

First Brigade -- Brigadier General Samuel Beatty
Second Brigade -- Colonel George F. Dick
Third Brigade -- Colonel Sidney M. Barnes

RESERVE CORPS -- Major General Gordon Granger

First Division -- Brigadier General James B. Steedman

First Brigade -- Brigadier General Walter C. Whitaker
Second Brigade -- Colonel John G. Mitchell

Second Division --

Second Brigade -- Colonel Daniel McCook

CAVALRY CORPS -- Brigadier General Robert B. Mitchell

First Division -- Colonel Edward M. McCook

First Brigade -- Colonel Archibald P. Campbell
Second Brigade -- Colonel Daniel M. Ray
Third Brigade -- Colonel Louis D. Watkins

Second Division -- Brigadier General George Crook

First Brigade -- Colonel Robert H. G. Minty
Second Brigade -- Colonel Eli Long

The Army of the Cumberland had an estimated 56,965 men at the Battle of Chickamauga. Thomas's 14th Corps had an estimated 20,000; McCook's 20th Corps, 11,000. Crittenden reported 12,052 men in his 21st Corps; Granger, 3913 in his Reserve Corps. The organizational chart shows officers killed (k) or wounded (w) in the battle. Union losses in the battle numbered 16,179 men. 1656 killed, 9749 wounded, 4774 missing.

source: Downey, Fairfax, Storming of the Gateway: Chattanooga 1863, David McKay Co., Inc., 1960

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